About Phoenyx

Phoenyx is a free-spirited creator, beautifier, psychonautical futurist, lover, writer, speaker, consultant, coach, and philosopher, passionately inspired by individual empowerment, harmonious interpersonal dynamics, community-building, authentic relating, voluntaryism, and tech-forward ecological regeneration. These passions intersect in areas of economics and cryptocurrency, social permaculture and relationship anarchy, mind-hacking and practical magic, broader permaculture and sustainable food systems, taoism, entheogenic exploration and harm-reduction, natural wellness, anarcho-pacifism and decentralization, virtual reality, and innovation.

With a love for fostering connection between people and ideas, Phoenyx cultivates space, organizes events, is launching a podcast and series of online courses, and is building a directory of influential and aspiring innovators, movers, shakers, and brilliant minds. She is currently authoring the book “Relationship Anarchy: Liberating Love,” as well as a series of zines on the subject. She is the creator and curator of the Brilliant Ideas Project, co-founder of the cryptocurrency consultancy Bit Consultants, the artist behind Phoenyx Creative Works (#phoenyxfx), and the founder of Phoenyx Enterprising. She is also the creator and facilitator of the Relationship Anarchy Portland Meetup Group, as well as an organizer and presenter for the Meetup groups: Portland Bitcoin, SexPositive Portland, and Love Hub.

Her formal education background is in Global Economic Systems, International Business, Sustainable Business Practices, and the Fair Trade movement. An indulgent multipotentialite, she loves love, cats, global travel, climbing, gardening, and building deluxe blanket forts, among many many other things.

Phoenyx Enterprising is a visionary integration of these passions and projects.

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